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Trichology? Or Hair Biology?

One of our latest passions at Colour Collective is Trichology, part of our constant thirst for knowledge about ‘this miracle fiber we simply call hair’

Why? Partly because this is a new focus for us with evolis, an amazing brand we have the privilege to work with as consultants. At Colour Collective we take any potential brand partnership very seriously. This starts with evaluating the product carefully, understanding how it works, using it in on different hair types and textures, sometimes over a period of time, so that we can be sincere and accurate in the branding, messaging and education. For evolis, this meant conducting a study over 6 months to record usage and measure results on real people, exclusively using the evolis program. As we watched their hair change, grow and get visibly thicker with each monthly assessment, our interest and curiosity grew about the mechanics of hair growth, hair biology and the causes of hair loss. Our Trichology obsession was born….

Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair.

As a hairdresser studying in England, I was required to learn Trichology in order to understand how hair grows and functions, as well as studying diseases and conditions of the hair and scalp. This knowledge has proved to be invaluable over the course of my hairdressing career, and with recent advances in research into hair growth, I realize just how exciting this area is. Until recently, the science of hair growth was very poorly understood by the hairdressing industry. As a result, hairdressers are often unsure what to say when customers ask about thinning hair, receding hairlines, poor hair quality due to age or sudden hair fall, and cannot offer advice or products. Hairdressers are often the first to be asked about hair issues, we are the first line of defense. Shouldn’t we be among the best educated?

Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp. We don’t need to be trained as Clinical Trichologists, but it would help us to know more about hair growth, and the types and causes of hair loss that our customers are experiencing more and more. We like to think of this as Hair Biology rather than Trichology. It’s more accessible to us as hair professionals; we don’t need a qualification, we just need the information. Hair Biology? We can learn that!

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