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You Glow Girl

As beauty brand developers we are well versed in the world of SUNLESS Tanning. And with Spring Break plans fast approaching now is the time to embrace sunless tanning. Self Tanning is perfect for the three stages of Spring Break Travel Prep:

Trip Prep - Before Spring Break

Give yourself a nice base glow to instantly look fabulous. Especially since no one looks good hitting the beach with pasty white skin. Skip the tanning bed and head to the store instead for a Self Tanner. To get the best coverage and nature look make sure to exfoliate before applying the color. Plus if applied using specific techniques you can camouflage discoloration from shaving bumps on the legs, bikini area in addition to creating contours to give the appearance of a slim body!

On The Beach - Experiencing Spring Break

We all like the sun but the sun does not always like us. Even those that easily tan, the aging and possible cancerous effects are just not worth it. However, we all want to look like we have a deep fabulous tan. Self Tanners now provide not only SPF protection but they can deliver cumulative "tan" effects while offering skin conditioning benefits.

Returning Home - After Spring Break

To continue to keep that glowing look supplement your daily body cream with a bit of self tanner to maintain the glow! Extra tip- wear white to enhance your glow and make all of your friends jealous.

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